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Quality Micropositioners and Manipulators since 1978 specializing in analytical probing

and sub micro positioning.

Quater Research and Development has become well known for our micromanipulators, micropositioners and translation stages. We build all of our parts in house. This means we can control the quality and costs better than our competition. This is an advantage to the customer when it comes to giving you precisely what you need. Should you ever have a problem, you will not have to go anywhere else for support. We do all of this and keep our prices lower than all of our competitors!

Device sophistication is constantly increasing, as are the demands of the equipment used to accomplish testing for device reliability, measurement, quality control, process control, and functional testing. To meet these demands Quater Research & Development employs leading edge engineering, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and the most highly trained technicians in the industry. Our product line of versatile test positioners, micro positioners, micropositioners and translation stages are used in a wide variety of industrial, medical, biological, semiconductor, and general scientific applications. Forty years of providing leading edge technology, innovative engineering, and the highest quality of materials and manufacturing processes have established Quater Research and Development as a leader in analytical probing and instrumentation solutions.

  • We manufacture all of our subcomponents in house. This means we don't have delays in production controlled by outside sources.

  • We have been working partners of the semiconductor industry since 1978.

  • Customers have complimented us for our on time deliveries and our innovative designs that have saved them time and money.

  • We have added new products over the years to keep up with the small geometry of the testing requirements. We now have two motorized positioners for probing and a third motorized stage to move around microscopes and other heavy equipment.  We have customers around the world using our manipulators and translation stages. The XYZ 500 with .500 inches of travel in XY and Z available in submicron resolution and Micron resolution. The 2000 series with 2" of travel in XY and Z has a resolution of .5 microns.

  • We have also added a new probe adapter for making the small geometry easier to probe.  The 20525 probe adapter is used by several of our customers for achieving the submicron probe points. Micropositioners, positioners and translation stages are our specialty. We do not build probe stations or testing units. We specialize only in micropositioner and translation stage manufacturing.


  • Maintain the quality and service we have provided over the last 25 years.

  • Continue to meet the demanding needs of the engineers, testers and researchers in the semiconductor, wafer and science industries.

  • Provide a full integration of our product line and the wafer probing equipment made by other manufacturers.

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