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XYZ 300 Series

Translation stages and micropositioners are our specialty. The XYZ 300 micro positioners are available in many configurations. We have split them into two categories for simple orders. They can be configured in a variety of ways so don't let the two options shown stop your creativity.

These units are available in a non-ferromagnetic version. They can be used as an MRI compatible unit. We replace all the magnetic type material like the setscrews and lead screws with brass compatible parts.

The XYZ 300 MR and XYZ 300 ML are basic positioners with no options, all the options can be configured to your needs. The XYZ 300 TR and XYZ 300 TL are full test positioners and come complete with magnetic base short test arm holder and a test arm setup with needle to do DC probing.

There is a complete list of probe arm options for DC probing and adapters to other probe manufacturers of RF and HF probing assemblies.

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