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20411 Micro stepping Controller

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Product Details

This controller will operate the XYZ 2000 or any of the XYZ 500 motorized positioners. It can handle up to five 3 axis cards. It uses a serial bus to communicate with the PC.

Our controller is running at 64 micro steps per full step of the hybrid stepping motors. Each card is capable of running 3 axis with an onboard microprocessor. Limits are an available option on the board also.

The Motorized CONTROLLER (P/N A-20411) will be offered with a joystick, power supply and one card to control 3 axis of movement. Up to 5 cards (A-20412) total can be included in the controller to control 5 separate 3 axis positioners. The controller can receive commands from the joystick or a personal computer through the USB port. The command language is very simple. It has many features built in and customizable per application.

We have some new controllers that use USB and will control the Navitar scope zoom and focus, lighting RGB and white leds and 3 axis of movement on the stage.

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