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20601-T Collet probe arm semi flexible with BNC connector -(needle included)

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The 20601-T Triax version is the same physical size as the Coax version. The clamping collet has three slots for holding the needle at 60, 75, 180 degrees. It is connected to 4 feet of 50 ohm triax cable with a 3 lug triax male connector.

Either probe can be mounted on all of our translation stages using various back plates. The 20545 Suss plate works well as does the 20239 plain back plate that is used in the 20240 and 20249 probe arm holders.

Positioners can be damaged by placing too much load or using them as a vice. This arm is not bendable by the customer, especially while attached to the micro positioner. Bending the arm while mounted to the positioner will cause considerable damage to the gibs and slides.

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