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XYZ 300 TEST Micro Positioners

XYZ 300 Test
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Product Details

The XYZ 300 Test Micropositioner is available in Left hand (XYZ 300 TL see below), or Right hand configuration. This is a general purpose micropositioner, it is intended for industrial, medical, biological, semiconductor, and general scientific applications. Translation stages for wafer probing.

The XYZ 300 TR and TL are the same unit. The difference is which side the Y axis knob is located on. The XYZ 300 Micropositioner provides 3-axis motion with .300" movement on each axis. Motion is controlled by three adjustment screw knobs that provide .025" resolution per turn. Components are made of dense aluminum, anodized black, with lifetime lubrication. Adjustment knobs are gold anodized aluminum.

All the test translation stages come standard with a test arm holder, testing arm, tungsten needle and magnetic base.

Specifications for XYZ 300 Micropositioner

Height: 1.750"
Weight: Shipping weight less than 1 lb.
Base footprint: 1.50" X 1.00"
Travel: X, Y, Z axis = .300"
Resolution: .025" per turn continuous

The test positioners are assembled with the following parts

  • XYZ 300 ML or MR
  • 20307 Magnetic Base
  • 20240 Test Arm Holder other lengths are available
  • 20235 Test Arm
  • 20242 Test Needle
  • 20241 Insulator
  • 20260 Connecting Pin

Key Benefits

  • Adaptable
  • Small footprint
  • Lightweight
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