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XYZ 500 MIMT (inline) with Motorized Option

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Product Details

Submicron manipulator and translation stage. The XYZ-500-MIMT Micropositioner is intended for precise probing and instrumentation for industrial, medical, biological, semiconductor, and general scientific applications. It provides 3-axis motion with .500" movement on each axis. Motion is controlled by three precision stepping motors attached to precision gear heads 64:1 (standard), that drive a 100 threads per inch screw (standard). Precision high-quality 440 stainless steel ball bearings (cross roller bearings also available) allow precise linear motion on all three axis. Gibs and Slides are made of heat treated, precision ground, 440-C stainless steel. Slide bases are made of dense aluminum with a black anodize finish.

Specifications for XYZ 500 MIMT Micropositioner with Motorized Option

Height: 4.50"
Weight: Shipping weight less than 2 lb.
Base footprint: 1.50" X 2.00"
Travel: X, Y, Z axis = .500"
Resolution: Submicron resolution

Key Benefits

  • Very fine position moves - less than one micron with motor option
  • Bearings for precise movement
  • Stable unit
  • Upgradeable
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